Staying Focused in a Noisy World

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Being focused on your goals is the only thing that’s going to bring them into fruition. Of course, that is easier said than done, as there are so many factors as to why some goals take longer than others to achieve. However, a goal is a goal no matter how big or small and you can achieve it if you put your best effort forward.

Here are five quick tips for staying focused in a noisy world:


Discipline is not easy, and it is not naturally gifted to you. It is something you need to practice. Sometimes you must make yourself do things you don’t want to do. Like working out, cutting down on TV time or waking up early. Not many people want to do those things even though they should. The bottom line is, you won’t become successful by only doing the things you love. You must do things that make you uncomfortable and test your discipline levels.

Eliminate distraction

We live in a distraction zone! From texting to social media, music, phone games, we have an unlimited supply of distractions. You must get rid of the distractions to keep your focus. Don’t chat on the phone with that friend that always has drama. Limit your time on your favorite gossip blog. Limit your time doing anything that won’t push you forward. Shut out the noise.

Set limits & time frames

Setting limits to everything goes directly back to discipline and eliminating distractions. Give yourself deadlines to get things done and stick to them! Block out times that you’re going to allow recreational time. If you’re uber focused and have a deadline on Monday, don’t go out on Friday. Stay home and put in the work! It is all about prioritizing what is important.

Set boundaries

Phone calls, text, frivolous things have a time and place. Don’t let minuscule things consume your time. Set parameters for family and friends so they can help you and support your goals.

Treat yourself

Set your focus with incentives! Having something to look forward to once you accomplish a goal is essential. Even if it’s something small like binge-watching your favorite show or going to the spa, it is nice to reward yourself!


Shut out the noise, and get FOCUSED!


Appreciate Your Team Members


Source: Perry Grone

We’ve all heard the saying, “Teamwork makes the dream work”, while that may sound cliche, it’s true! Think about the times you were in a team and produced something amazing that you wouldn’t have been able to do all by yourself. Or a time when you were drained and didn’t think you had more to give your team, but they pushed you and helped you to the finish line.

In life, we will always be part of a team in some way. Rather its work, school, sports, and even family. Learning to navigate in a team setting will benefit you and set you up to maximize your ability on a team and overall be a good teammate. One thing to remember when being on a team is, everyone is not the same. Everyone has their own thoughts, ideas, communication styles, and abilities. It can be very easy to find faults with people on your team and very difficult to find their strengths. But ultimately, they are there to help you and move you along. Having great teammates is an important aspect of your OWN success. They help push you to be the best version of yourself.

Here are some benefits of being part of a great team:

  • They help you see things from a different perspective
  • They always have your back
  • They help you hone your skills
  • You have an army of cheerleaders rooting for you
  • They offer constructive criticism
  • They provide you with unconditional support
  • They keep you accountable to do your best

So, let it start with you. Be a good teammate and create an environment of success so you and your teammates can thrive. Appreciate your teammates and help them in any way that you can.

Pushing Past Obstacles

Obstacle course

Source: Stephanie Ecate

It’s the inevitable… something happens out of your control and you feel like you’ve hit a roadblock. It could be personal, professional, big or small, either way it has stopped you in your tracks. This is an obstacle. The most important thing to remember about obstacles is how you react & respond to them, determines the effects they have.

Obstacles usually have the appearance of setbacks, but that’s not always the case. For example, if you’re working on a big project and some of your team members are slacking off- not doing their parts, that could feel like a setback. You could feel overwhelmed like you’re never going to complete the project in a timely manner. However, if you shift your focus and thinking into finding solutions, then you have already pushed past that obstacle. Look at it this way, this can be an opportunity for you to push yourself to produce an amazing result as well as show your leadership and truly have your capabilities shine. See how altering what you focus on can change your circumstances?

Don’t forget to get rid of fear! As humans, it is natural for us to fear obstacles. No-one wants to deal with difficulties, but here is the truth… we will HAVE to deal with something difficult. Getting rid of the fear of obstacles will take its power away. If you aren’t fearful of running into an obstacle, when you do, it won’t affect you as much as it once did.

Stop having self-doubt! Part of the reason you may find pushing past obstacles difficult is that you don’t believe you have the will power to overcome them. Doubt comes from negative self-talk and the nay-sayers around you, that make you feel belittled. Be confident about yourself and what you’re doing.

Remember, changing your perception determines how much power you give your obstacles.

Keep pushing!

Marathon Mentality

Marathon Mentality pic

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We’ve all heard the saying… “Good things come to those who wait” but what exactly does that mean? So many times, in life, we are told to be patient and to put in the work and the results will follow. While that may seem tedious and frustrating…it’s all pretty accurate, and that’s what is called having a Marathon Mentality.

Just like a marathon runner, it’s paramount for you to have the finish line in sight but understand the purpose and importance of the journey itself. In terms of careers and life goals, you need to have the same mindset. We all have that big goal or set a point in mind that we want to reach but we need to give ourselves the allotted time to get there. Approaching your goals with the long-term in mind is key to not getting weary when things feel like they are taking longer than they should. Develop and use your emotional intelligence to be patient through the process of getting where you want to go.

What will your stride look like throughout the race? Giving 101% at all times is a must, so keep this idea in mind as you navigate your goals. You will have to work hard, you will get tired but you will get that second wind if you stay focused. Nothing with continual greatness comes to the faint of heart. You must acknowledge your challenges and defeat your ego. Sometimes you will give a lot and it will seem like you are only getting a little in return. However, you can’t measure your effort and worth against your exchange…it will pay off.

You can’t focus on the person in the next lane AND give all your efforts to YOUR goals at the same time. Theodore Roosevelt said it best, “Comparison is the thief of joy”. Someone else’s success is not your failure. Stop measuring your success based on someone else’s. Stay in your lane and keep pushing without letting up, no matter what the next person is doing. Let’s be honest, if you’re embracing this “Marathon Mentality” you will out work them anyways. The only person you are truly in competition with is yourself.


So what will you do today to make sure your stride is strong?

The American Dream and the looming recession

Refinances are finally making a comeback after last year’s drought. Black Knight revealed that an estimated 3.27 million homeowners could benefit from refinancing. This is an increase year-over-year by 16% from 2018. This means a jump of candidates around 75%, with rates at a current 10-month low.

Various areas throughout the country give low-income families a chance at the American Dream. Being a homeowner gives people a chance to benefit from their communities, as well as gain wealth from their home equity. With metros becoming more expensive and having a lack of affordable starter homes, low-income residents aren’t typically able to share in the prosperity of home ownership


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. To escape the high costs of homes, buyers are looking to relocate to inland markets.

With perks such as no down payment, it’s no surprise that VA loans have become increasingly more popular for first-time home-buyers. Benefits such as no mortgage insurance and strong loan servicing protections accompany this loan as well. Both prime and non-prime home-buyers using VA loans are reporting less early delinquency rates.

With a confident forecast of 2% economic growth for the next year, JP Morgan Chase chief economist Anthony Chan is dismissing concerns over a looming recession. During the Chicago Agent Magazine’s Accelerate Summit at the Chicago Merchandise Mart last Tuesday, he predicted that while it won’t be as exponential as last year, the economy will still see growth.

Stand Up to You. [DH Sweet 16 #16]

think big blog

It’s sad we often define a goal as “too big”, leading us to settle for what’s easy because it’s safe. Goals that are considered “too big to achieve” are lies coming from our own worst enemy: our mind.

Have you ever stopped and thought, “What if I decided to think bigger?”

Too often people don’t realize their potential. It’s one of the many faults we have as humans. We stop ourselves short of greatness by settling for what’s easy and not looking outside of our comfort zone.

How many times have you stopped yourself from pursuing a life-long dream because it feels unattainable? How many times have you settled for mediocrity because you feel it’s easiest? That small-minded thinking will never get you farther than where you are right now. You want to be a doctor? Aim to be the chief of staff at a hospital. You want to be a writer? Aim to be an international bestseller. Want to be a good golfer? Aim to win the state championship by age 45. Want to be an amazing dad? Aim to be the Dad all the kids look up to and want to have around.

We set goals to drive our success, a source for our ambition. Make them great.

It’s like when you run 5 miles and you push like hell through the last leg, thinking that cramp in your side is too much to bear and the dehydration is almost overwhelming, but then you do it. You finish. What was the motivating factor? What pushed you to run through the agony? The answer: you thought bigger. You decided for a moment that your goal was bigger than your pain. In these tough moments where you think you can’t go on but you decide to push yourself beyond your limits, that is where the growth happens. These are the moments—when you think big—anything can happen.

It takes strength to think and push yourself to be bigger than what you’re likely capable of but nobody ever went anywhere without having grand thoughts and taking big leaps. That’s the key to success.

You have to think anyway, why not think big? Our brains are not static, we have thoughts that take up space all day. Manipulate those thoughts.

And that’s the epitome of David’s last Sweet 16: Think Big. “There is always room in your life for thinking bigger, pushing limits, and imagining the impossible.” But there’s only one thing that will ever stand in your way: you. You have to be the one to choose daily that you are going to think bigger thoughts than you’ve ever thought before. You have to be the one to decide your dreams are bigger than your fears. You.

Only you.

What are you going to do today to push yourself to think bigger?

Want to be great? Aim to be the individual everyone looks up to and admires. Ready to think bigger and accomplish some even bigger goals? Send us your resume and aim to do more than you’ve ever done.


Smile, Character. [DH Sweet 16 #15]

character over instinct blog

There are three types of people in the world: the person who refuses to give someone in need or a charity money, the person who donates money but always turns around and shares it on social media, and the person who donates money but doesn’t tell a soul. Which are you?

We worry so much about what others think rather than worrying about our integrity and character. We all know someone who is always in a hurry to broadcast how great they are but then act differently behind closed doors. You might even be that person.

Ever heard, “Our character is defined by what we do when we think no one is looking”?

Sometimes, the hardest thing in life is to take the high road, to do the right thing when nobody is there to witness, to do the right thing knowing you won’t get any recognition. But that’s what defines your character. Long-term, it’s what makes you stand out from the pack.

In today’s fast-paced world ruled by technology, we’re creatures in need of immediate gratification. We naturally want to fit in now. But that’s not what you will be remembered for.

What you will be remembered for: your values. And here we have another of David’s Sweet 16 Compass to Success: Character Over Instinct. Always, without fail, take the high road. People want to work with people who do things the right way. Period. No excuses. When things don’t go your way, smile anyway. When you are mad, breathe.

Character: “The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.”

Instinct: “A natural or innate impulse, inclination, or tendency.”

When your actions and attitude are the same regardless if you’re alone, in a crowd, or surrounded by coworkers, friends, or family, you have just defined your character. You have become different in the most valuable way. It takes more courage to do what is right than to do what you want to do. It takes more strength to do what is right than to act by impulse for what you want now. Let your actions be your noise, let your actions speak for you. Let your actions define your character.

Don’t let your actions be guided by impulse.

We all know that one person who is all sweet in front of an audience but is the first to gossip once the curtains close. Don’t be an actor.

The question remains: Who are you when no one is looking?

Ready to stand out from the crowd? We are looking for people who want to be different, take the high road, and aren’t afraid to do the right thing every time. Choose character over instinct and send us your resume.

“People of character do the right thing even if no one else does. Not because they think it will change the world, but because they refuse to be changed by the world.” Are you ready to stand out in a valuable way?

Clap for Yourself. [DH Sweet 16 #14]

be your own best friend

Take a minute and think about who your best friend is. What is it about them that makes them your best friend? Is it because they push you and help you be the best version of yourself? Is it because they motivate you and don’t allow you to give up?

What if being your own best friend was the way to success? What if those things your best friend does for you were things you could do for yourself?

Sometimes, you are the only person you need.

You need to learn how to motivate and push yourself better than anybody. You can’t depend on others to be there to pick you up when you’re down or to give you that pat on the back when you do something well. YOU have to be that person for yourself. YOU have to be the back-patter and the picker-upper. No one else.

Feeling down? Uplift yourself. Feeling angry? Calm yourself down. Accomplished something? Tell yourself good job. Feeling sad? Make yourself smile.…you get where this is going. Do these things for yourself. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you.

You need to be able to be your own coach, your biggest fan, and your biggest inspiration. The most successful people out there are the ones who can push themselves harder on their own than any outside force ever will be able to. They’re able to talk themselves through the worst of times and clap for themselves through the best of times. They’re always telling themselves how can they do better, not waiting for someone else to.

Insert another David Hall Sweet 16: Be Your Own Best Friend. Simply put, when you have no one else, you always can count on yourself. Be your biggest advocate and your toughest critic.

Know yourself and grow yourself.

It takes time to learn how to become your own best friend but once you do, you’re more empowered than ever. We’re ready to push you to learn the value in this, and if you’re ready too, send us your resume. We’re looking for people who want to be their biggest motivator. Their own teacher. Their own best friend.

“A significant milestone is achieved in life when you learn to be your own best friend.”

Lace ’em Up. [DH Sweet 16 #13]

run or be run

There are two types of people in the world: the runner and the watcher. Most people are satisfied just watching and that is why most people are rocked by hardships.

The world doesn’t stop spinning for you.

Dumped? World spins. Fired? World spins. Car wrecked? World spins. Fail a college course? World spins. Lose the deal you’ve been losing sleep over? The world spins on. It doesn’t end. In a highly competitive and digital age, life goes on. When you’re surrounded by people who all want Success—definition left in the outskirts between Financial and Happiness—it can be difficult to get ahead.

When your world tilts on its axis, spin it. Realize you’re underperforming and make a change so the company instead wants to keep you. Put down the cell phone when driving and be present. Be aware of your professor’s expectations and surpass them. Don’t settle for simply what’s working for you now, think ahead to tomorrow and what’s coming next.

If you’re settling, you’re getting passed by and left in yesterday.

Enter No. 13 of David’s Sweet 16 Compass to Success item: Be Your Own Disruptor. To quote the boss himself, “Always be forward thinking of what’s coming next. Instead of waiting for a competitor to disrupt you, be ahead of it and do things even when what you are doing is working. If you aren’t growing, you’re dying.

Successful people don’t settle.

Successful people have a hunger for tomorrow. They go to bed satisfied and wake up with a purpose. They pass landmarks and achieve goals and are looking around for more opportunity while on the journey. They aren’t on a one-track mind to success. They’re filled with forks in the road and pushing ahead. And they create those forks themselves.

Successful people are hungry—to grow, to be better, to improve. They work towards tomorrow while living in today.

They are innovative.

In a digital age, it’s looking ahead at robots but acknowledging client satisfaction is not being met in the mortgage industry, and then using technology to enhance—not replace—a process that demands personal attention. If you’re innovative and always looking to improve, we’re looking to grow. Veer off the course you imagined a year ago and send us your resume. We’ll push you to succeed and show you how YOU are your greatest competitor.

Either you run the day or the day runs you. Your choice.

But we hope you lace your shoes. After all, life was meant to be a marathon.

All in the Journey. [DH Sweet 16 #12]

journey blog

Have you ever heard the quote “Success is a journey, not a destination”? Sounds cliché but have you ever stopped and thought about how true it is? What it means?

In life, we are always so focused on the results, we don’t stop and think about what it even takes to get to the results. It’s obviously important to have a clear understanding of what you want and what results you’re looking to achieve, but if all you focus on is achieving goals and seeing an immediate impact, you are setting yourself up for disaster. That tunnel vision will cost you opportunities. There’s more to life than just meeting a goal or being #1. What’s most important is what you’re doing to get there and the growth you’re experiencing along the way.

Results will come.

They always do if you’re working extremely hard. They may not be the exact results you’re looking for but you will make achievements. What you won’t get if you keep pushing and rushing to be successful and see immediate satisfaction, is the opportunity to grow, develop, and make an impact. If you achieve all of the results you were looking for and all of the success you aimed for too quickly, what is left for you to work towards? Think about it.

Take your time. Be patient. Grow. Develop. Work hard.

Don’t get caught up in the end goal. Get caught up in the journey.

When people get too focused on just the end goal, they end up disappointed. Every time. Maybe not immediately upon reaching their goal but eventually. Why? That view from the top doesn’t last. You’ll have memories but the climb is gone. The hard work and effort and determination to reach your goal—you did it!—is what you remember most. Not standing on the platform accepting the reward. You remember the hustle, the time, the late nights and early mornings, the will power you had to do what you needed to do. And when an obstacle was thrown in your path, you overcame it. That’s what people want to hear about: How did you become great? That is what you’ll love relishing.

And you’ll share laughs about the mistakes you made and have pride in what you overcame.

If all that’s cared about is achieving results and not what it took to get there, what do you work towards next?

Another David’s Sweet 16: Process Over Results.

It’s simple yet profound. Do what it takes to be the best and eventually you will be the best. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not in a year, but one day. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Quit rushing. Let the hard work speak for itself and the results will come.

Ready to set goals and, even better, enjoy the journey it takes to achieve them? Send us your resume. Here at Hall Financial, we want you to achieve results. We want you to meet your goals. But most importantly, we want you to grow and improve every single day. And we absolutely love watching the journey of our team members. We love watching them succeed. “Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.”