Your Force Field. [DH Sweet 16 #6]

The Hall Way

surround yourself with

Who are you with your friends? Who do you choose to surround yourself with? Why do you choose those people to be surrounded by? How do they impact you? Do they motivate you? Inspire you? Push you? Lift you up? Or do they discourage you? Hold you back? Bring you down?

We sure hope it’s the former.

Earlier this week we talked about bringing the energy, now we’re talking about that force field you surround yourself with. Real talk: we are constantly letting ourselves get sucked into the negative attitudes of the people around us, especially at work. It’s Friday afternoon and everyone is thinking about the end of the weekend—surround yourself with people who think Friday is the last leg of the race and strive to finish the week strong.

Have your ever been so excited about a new opportunity at your company and you start talking with coworkers…

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