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4 Closet Storage Ideas If You Are Short On Space

CLoset storage

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For many people, closet space can be a determining factor in purchasing a home. Everyone needs space for their clothes and shoes and other storage items. What if we told you that you could create the closet you want by maximizing space? Don’t let a tiny closet deter you from closing on your dream home.


Here are 4 creative closet storage ideas for maximizing space: 


1. Add overhead storage 

This may seem like an obvious option, but many people don’t utilize the overhead storage space the majority of closets already have built-in. You can use that area for folded clothes or stack shoe boxes, which can save a lot of room.


2. Build shelves

Just like the overhead storage, adding additional shelves will be a game-changer. You can put folded or compact pieces of clothing on the shelves, or you can create a high and low hanging shelved unit to separate your tops and bottoms.


3. Use storage bins

The truth is, you don’t need to hang all your clothes up or even fold them. When the weather changes, so does your wardrobe. Packing away your seasonal clothes will help you stay organized and not waste any space.


4. Install hooks

Installing hooks in your closet is an excellent use of space. You can hang up those miscellaneous ties, hats, and scarves. The key to being organized is having a “home” for every single item in your closet.

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