Get Your Home Fall-Ready With These Seven Tips

Fall home

We are all familiar with this time of year in Michigan. The trees will be changing soon, and the temperature will drop. We all have beautiful leaves and cider mills to look forward to! But, keep in mind that as the seasons change, so do your home needs and maintenance. In Michigan, the weather can change fast, and we don’t want you to be caught unprepared.


Here seven tips to help you get your home fall-ready:


Check your roof: Safely grab a ladder and climb up to get an up-close view of the current state of your roof. Check for any loose or missing shingles and remove any debris that could’ve made its way up there.


Fertilize your lawn: At any hardware store, you can find specialized Fall lawn fertilizer that will help prevent winter damage and spring weeds.


Clean your gutters: Take the time to clean out your gutters or hire a professional to do it.


Inspect your siding: Check your home for cracks or holes and get those fixed before the weather changes.


Bring in flowerpots & hanging plants: Cooler weather is typically not conducive for outdoor plants. So, either toss them out or bring them in to nurture during the cold months.  


Tend to your landscaping: Trim all your bushes, trees, and shrubs.


Plant rose bulbs: Planting bulbs in the Fall for the Spring is your best bet to ensure they get into the ground before it gets too cold out.

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