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Get down and dirty… the 12 most common spots that you miss while cleaning

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Let’s face it, you can’t clean EVERYTHING. There will always be a spot you miss while tidying up your home, it’s inevitable. Life gets in the way far too often. It happens, and it’s usually no big deal. You can always get that spot next time. But did you know there are 12 spots you are CONSTANTLY overlooking? Let us clue you in:
1. In between your countertop and stove
“MIND THE GAP!” This should not just be a saying; this should be a rule. Crumbs are a kitchen’s nemesis, and what a place to hide! Scrape any hard or sticky substances off using a butter knife, and then use a paper towel to wipe the gap down completely. I would also use a duster, to make sure anything else you can’t see gets picked up by the feathers.
2. Behind your refrigerator
How often do you Hulk out and move that bad boy? Never? Exactly. I’ll admit it, I think the last time we moved ours is when we moved in so we could paint. Make sure that AT LEAST once a month you get your workout in and move that giant to the side so you can dust, vacuum or mop. Whatever your heart desires, if it’s not left there for eternity.
3. Your faucet
While writing this I was thinking specifically about the kitchen sink, but this applies to ALL your sinks. Bacteria, food particles (hopefully only in your kitchen sink), mildew, and mold can all be building up in your faucet while you simply keep using it as normal. If your water starts to taste a little more flavorful, this is something to investigate.
4. Garbage disposal
The prime suspect when your kitchen is smelling foul but hardly given the spotlight otherwise. The tool of choice here should be a fuller brush, so you can really scrub deep. I would also recommend a pod whether homemade or store-bought, to drop down the disposal in-between scrubbings. I would also like to point out a need for SAFE cleaning in this area, stay away from the switch to keep all your digits.
5. Garbage bin
Even if you use lingers, it’s a good idea to wipe down the inside of your trashcan at least once a month. Bacteria can harbor in dark places. To avoid having any issues with gunk or horrible smells, best to wipe down with disinfectant.
6. Utensil drawer
If you can’t tell, the kitchen gets sorely overlooked when it comes to cleaning. When cleaning out your dishwasher, or your sink, do you thoroughly inspect each utensil before it goes into your drawer? No? Well, then you could be trailing crumbs, dirt, and so much more into your “clean” drawers.
7. Window tracks
Most of us wash the inside, and the outside of our windows. However, do you remember where the window itself rests? The tracks of your windows often collect the most dust, pushing it down each time you close them.
8. Shower tracks
While we are on the subject of tracks, your shower tracks are SO overlooked. You might be getting clean while in the shower, but I assure you that your tracks are not. They are collecting the dirt, the excess shower gel, etc. I would recommend cleaning out at least once a week.
9. Baseboards
The closest to our feet and shoes, which no doubt carry in all sorts of messes. You’d be surprised how much bright your baseboards are after a quick wipe down! I recommend a microfiber cloth or a Swiffer dry floor cover.
10. Toothbrush holder
You can keep an immaculate bathroom, and still wind up with toothpaste crust on your toothbrush. Have this happen more than once, and you’ll find flecks in your holder. Because this is a smaller item, you often forget about it. Any other small items in your bathroom are a good idea as well, as they tend to collect dust. Not to mention that bacteria can spread rapidly when undetected.
11. Knobs, handles and light switches
Possibly the most TOUCHED items within your home. Also, probably the most untouched when it relates to cleaning. Everyone who enters your home must touch these items, and who knows where their hands have been, or when the last time was that they were washed!
12. Back of the toilets
Because you can’t (or wouldn’t normally) see the back of a toilet, I doubt you would notice it slowly getting worse and worse. Sitting there collecting dust, and that’s the best-case scenario. If it happened to have anything spill down the back of it, or have any liquids gather there, you could be looking at a total nightmare. Best to clean once a week!

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2 comments on “Get down and dirty… the 12 most common spots that you miss while cleaning

  1. Debra Howard

    I am proud to say that I clean ever item on your list. I feel the house isn’t clean if the door handles aren’t clean but I have one that is very important but you did not mention it. It’s this bathroom exhaust fan covers. These exhaust fan covers accumulate a lot of dust and they look terrible. Simply take a screwdriver, remove them and wash with soap and water. Now stand back and see the difference:).


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