Mundane Maintenance

home-maintenance-quiz{Image source: Google}

You’re a first-time homeowner, congratulations!!! You’ve unpacked, you’ve painted, you’re ready to get comfortable. Hold that thought, because there are some basic maintenance checkpoints you’ll want to review first. Review our checklist before you throw that housewarming party that you’ve been dreaming of!
Locate your water shut off valve:
If a pipe burst or you need some plumbing work done, you’ll be sure to want to shut off your water. It’s usually (not always) located near your street or adjacent alley. Also, be sure that you can successfully shut it off. Sometimes a special tool is needed.
Find your circuit breaker:
Usual places are the basement, near the garage, backyard, or in a closet. This will be important if you blow a fuse, or short circuit an area of your home.
Call 811 before you dig:
Whether you are inputting a new fence, or just adding some greenery, you’ll want to make sure you aren’t hitting any hidden pipes or electric lines. The national dig-safely hotline is 811. They will send a company out to mark any underground pipes that may cause an issue.
Check your foundation:
You want to make sure there is no structural damage to your home, and to be sure that water and snow will drain appropriately. Especially with our Michigan weather!
Drill into your walls with caution:
Plumbing pipes, wires, ductwork, and cables are hidden in most homes. Before you start making holes, be sure to use a stud sensor to be sure to know what lays in wait for you.

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