Lace ’em Up. [DH Sweet 16 #13]

The Hall Way

run or be run

There are two types of people in the world: the runner and the watcher. Most people are satisfied just watching and that is why most people are rocked by hardships.

The world doesn’t stop spinning for you.

Dumped? World spins. Fired? World spins. Car wrecked? World spins. Fail a college course? World spins. Lose the deal you’ve been losing sleep over? The world spins on. It doesn’t end. In a highly competitive and digital age, life goes on. When you’re surrounded by people who all want Success—definition left in the outskirts between Financial and Happiness—it can be difficult to get ahead.

When your world tilts on its axis, spin it. Realize you’re underperforming and make a change so the company instead wants to keep you. Put down the cell phone when driving and be present. Be aware of your professor’s expectations and surpass them. Don’t settle for simply what’s working…

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