Mortgage Basics 101

Mortgage 101 pic

Picture source: Unknown

We understand.

You are about to enter the market of finding the optimal mortgage for your current financial situation. If you are like most individuals, you started by searching Google to find the best deal. What you end up paying for is the type of service you want.

However, before choosing your preferred lender let’s get you organized to help make the mortgage process easier.

Whether you are purchasing a home or refinancing here is a list of documents your loan officer may ask you for:

  • Two years of W2’s
  • Your most recent pay stub
  • Two months of bank statements
  • Copy of Driver’s License
  • Credit Report (your loan officer will pull this for you once you grant permission)

Depending on your situation you may also be asked to provide a copy of your homeowner’s insurance and a copy of your most recent mortgage payment when you are preparing to refinance.

Having these documents prepared beforehand helps your loan officer to be able to quote you more accurately.

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