Failure Doesn’t Exist. [DH Sweet 16 #8]

The Hall Way

no failures blogEvery day, multiple times a day, we are given the opportunity to learn and grow. Every action we take, every choice we make, provides us with growth. And the way we grow the most? Mistakes.

Adjust your golf swing, take a different route to work, implement another exercise into your routine, remove sugar from your diet, wake up an hour early. Every day you are given choices—sleep in or wake up, take the highway or the backway, work overtime or work on your golf swing—and every day you have the chance to learn. Pay attention to your decisions, your actions, and recognize how they impact your life and those around you. Then, take a minute to reflect on whether those were the best choices. Some mistakes aren’t clear cut. Some take reflection and awareness to recognize. It takes even more skill to admit it was the wrong choice, and conviction…

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