You’re Always Auditioning

All hail to sails

Source: Canva

We’ve all heard the saying “first impressions are lasting impressions” and that couldn’t be truer. Think about a moment you really wanted to amaze someone you were interacting with for the first time. Whether it was an interview, an audition, a team try out, or even a first date you made sure you were putting your best foot forward, and that you were READY.

You arrived 15 minutes earlier, ready to impress and to display your passion for the potential opportunity. Knowing how important this moment was, you went above and beyond to leave a great impression and to secure your spot. Think about all the things you did to outshine your competition and make yourself stand out.

The trap that many of us fall into is letting our guard down once we’ve been awarded the opportunity we worked so hard to get. Huge mistake.

The truth is, the way you conduct yourself after the gig is yours, is what determines the level of success you will reach. You need to keep the same level of enthusiasm and crispness that got you in the door, to begin with. You have to remember; people are ALWAYS watching you. You don’t have time to rest on your laurels!

If you make it a habit to continue to shine and outwork the hardest working person in the room, when new opportunities for advancement arise, you will always be the obvious choice.



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