REJECTION: Dealing with it in Business


Picture source: Steve Johnson

Rejection is difficult no matter who you or where you are in life. It is tough to deal with at times, but it is inevitable. Rejection is something you will have to deal with in your career, rather you are working for someone else or yourself. Learning how to deal with rejection is a skill everyone should develop, so you won’t feel defeated when it comes knocking at your door.

Tips on dealing with rejection:

Ask for feedback

Ask the “why”. There is no harm in asking for feedback as to why you were rejected. This way, you can have a better understanding and you’ll be able to focus on how you can be better for the future.

Think big picture

A no today is not a no in a couple of years. Wherever you are today, is not where you will end up. Remember to not take a “no” personal. It may not be a direct negative reflection of what your selling or what you can offer, it may simply just be that what you have to offer does not meet a need RIGHT NOW.  Each no is one step closer to yes.

You must acknowledge and share your accomplishments

Don’t let your rejection result in defeat. Let the person or company that has rejected you know you are still hungry, successful and going to thrive. This can be done simply by continuing to push forward, move on and be proud of your work no matter what. Be relentless, continue you to grow and prosper.



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