Staying Focused in a Noisy World

Focus Blog

Being focused on your goals is the only thing that’s going to bring them into fruition. Of course, that is easier said than done, as there are so many factors as to why some goals take longer than others to achieve. However, a goal is a goal no matter how big or small and you can achieve it if you put your best effort forward.

Here are five quick tips for staying focused in a noisy world:


Discipline is not easy, and it is not naturally gifted to you. It is something you need to practice. Sometimes you must make yourself do things you don’t want to do. Like working out, cutting down on TV time or waking up early. Not many people want to do those things even though they should. The bottom line is, you won’t become successful by only doing the things you love. You must do things that make you uncomfortable and test your discipline levels.

Eliminate distraction

We live in a distraction zone! From texting to social media, music, phone games, we have an unlimited supply of distractions. You must get rid of the distractions to keep your focus. Don’t chat on the phone with that friend that always has drama. Limit your time on your favorite gossip blog. Limit your time doing anything that won’t push you forward. Shut out the noise.

Set limits & time frames

Setting limits to everything goes directly back to discipline and eliminating distractions. Give yourself deadlines to get things done and stick to them! Block out times that you’re going to allow recreational time. If you’re uber focused and have a deadline on Monday, don’t go out on Friday. Stay home and put in the work! It is all about prioritizing what is important.

Set boundaries

Phone calls, text, frivolous things have a time and place. Don’t let minuscule things consume your time. Set parameters for family and friends so they can help you and support your goals.

Treat yourself

Set your focus with incentives! Having something to look forward to once you accomplish a goal is essential. Even if it’s something small like binge-watching your favorite show or going to the spa, it is nice to reward yourself!


Shut out the noise, and get FOCUSED!


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