Pushing Past Obstacles

Obstacle course

Source: Stephanie Ecate

It’s the inevitable… something happens out of your control and you feel like you’ve hit a roadblock. It could be personal, professional, big or small, either way it has stopped you in your tracks. This is an obstacle. The most important thing to remember about obstacles is how you react & respond to them, determines the effects they have.

Obstacles usually have the appearance of setbacks, but that’s not always the case. For example, if you’re working on a big project and some of your team members are slacking off- not doing their parts, that could feel like a setback. You could feel overwhelmed like you’re never going to complete the project in a timely manner. However, if you shift your focus and thinking into finding solutions, then you have already pushed past that obstacle. Look at it this way, this can be an opportunity for you to push yourself to produce an amazing result as well as show your leadership and truly have your capabilities shine. See how altering what you focus on can change your circumstances?

Don’t forget to get rid of fear! As humans, it is natural for us to fear obstacles. No-one wants to deal with difficulties, but here is the truth… we will HAVE to deal with something difficult. Getting rid of the fear of obstacles will take its power away. If you aren’t fearful of running into an obstacle, when you do, it won’t affect you as much as it once did.

Stop having self-doubt! Part of the reason you may find pushing past obstacles difficult is that you don’t believe you have the will power to overcome them. Doubt comes from negative self-talk and the nay-sayers around you, that make you feel belittled. Be confident about yourself and what you’re doing.

Remember, changing your perception determines how much power you give your obstacles.

Keep pushing!


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