Marathon Mentality

Marathon Mentality pic

Source: Unknown via Pinterest 

We’ve all heard the saying… “Good things come to those who wait” but what exactly does that mean? So many times, in life, we are told to be patient and to put in the work and the results will follow. While that may seem tedious and frustrating…it’s all pretty accurate, and that’s what is called having a Marathon Mentality.

Just like a marathon runner, it’s paramount for you to have the finish line in sight but understand the purpose and importance of the journey itself. In terms of careers and life goals, you need to have the same mindset. We all have that big goal or set a point in mind that we want to reach but we need to give ourselves the allotted time to get there. Approaching your goals with the long-term in mind is key to not getting weary when things feel like they are taking longer than they should. Develop and use your emotional intelligence to be patient through the process of getting where you want to go.

What will your stride look like throughout the race? Giving 101% at all times is a must, so keep this idea in mind as you navigate your goals. You will have to work hard, you will get tired but you will get that second wind if you stay focused. Nothing with continual greatness comes to the faint of heart. You must acknowledge your challenges and defeat your ego. Sometimes you will give a lot and it will seem like you are only getting a little in return. However, you can’t measure your effort and worth against your exchange…it will pay off.

You can’t focus on the person in the next lane AND give all your efforts to YOUR goals at the same time. Theodore Roosevelt said it best, “Comparison is the thief of joy”. Someone else’s success is not your failure. Stop measuring your success based on someone else’s. Stay in your lane and keep pushing without letting up, no matter what the next person is doing. Let’s be honest, if you’re embracing this “Marathon Mentality” you will out work them anyways. The only person you are truly in competition with is yourself.


So what will you do today to make sure your stride is strong?


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