Credit Scoring & Halloween Housing.


Photo Source: Unknown via Pinterest.

Credit access expansion could be on the horizon for millions of Americans as Experian, FICO, and Finicity announced a new credit scoring model: UltraFICO. This new model would reward the consumer on positive financial behavior and would take a deeper look at how the consumer manages their money. The three companies are excited over what this change could bring to the lending world, however, we should still note that in pulling credit, lenders look at Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

It’s October which means Pumpkin Spice has graced our lips since mid-September and if you are on the ball you have been thinking about your Halloween costume for weeks but if you are a die-hard Halloween junky who bleeds orange, black, and everything spooky we may have found something just for you.

Derek Miller of Smart Asset collected data based on vacant homes, cemeteries, and costume shops within an area and found that, Salem has nothing on the Mid-West. Detroit ranks in the top 5 of spooky cities; tying with Pittsburgh, having the most vacant single-family homes. Coming at eighth is Cincinnati, Ohio, where you can run around in the abandoned Subway tunnels and find the best mortgage rates if you are looking to shop around.

If you want Halloween 365 days a year you should look at these towns. Yes, you read that right, towns that are up for sale where you can literally dig for gold. Oregon King Mine in Ashwood, OR has 200 acres for sale that has abandoned homes, the mine, and all the old structures perfect to turn into a Halloween getaway all for about $2 million dollars. And if you are looking for somewhere a little warmer, Gold Mine Ghost town in Wikieup, AZ is up for $100,000 and is perfect for horseback riding, ATV trails, and hiking. Both places give you the option to create something different than just your typical apple orchard.


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