Paying More in Rent for Less? No Thanks.

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Photo Source: Pinterest via House Beautiful.

Downpayment: it’s the obstacle most quoted by potential homebuyers. First-time millennial homebuyers continue to fret over not having enough to put down on a home and it’s not something lenders should stop educating on. In fact, 32 percent of millennials planning to buy their first home this year were also planning to find a second job. In today’s intense market, it can help to have a larger downpayment to beat out competitive offers but there are some amazing lowdown option programs and depending on the location, one can buy a home with only a few grand for a downpayment. Having a great realtor and reliable lender helps make this more possible.

Speaking of competitive offers, what if offering more money simply isn’t an option? Well, there’s other options! Try offering to pay for the seller’s moving costs, write a heartfelt letter as to how much you love the home (how it’s not just a house to you), or add a photo to your offer so the seller knows who you are. Of course, again, a great realtor will be great at offering up ideas here as well.

Why pay rent if you can afford to buy? No, really, why? Rent prices are going up and unfortunately, they’re not keeping up with the amenities or meeting expectations, making renters often pay more for less. Sounds like an unfair deal, right? According to a recent survey, only 17 percent of renters were able to live in their ideal location. Might be a good time to see what one can get approved for and to break out the old pro/con list for renting vs. buying. After all, it’s free to consult with a mortgage expert.

Like all things real estate, home improvements, too, are locational. Arizona might love pools but Montana would prefer to pass. It also depends on the cost—100% return on investment is not guaranteed and doesn’t always add the value one expects thanks to some increased construction prices. Doing research helps. Don’t spend $50K for a patio if it’s solely to up your home’s value. There’s other options that can increase curb appeal and home value that might be more affordable. Kitchen and bathroom, the two more common renovations, also no longer yield as great of an ROI as it once did. Knowing your future buyers and what’s in demand can help.


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