Strong Confidence & Smart Wallpaper.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Housing Market Index for April was reported at 69, a very strong figure, with buyer traffic remaining at 51, still showing a strong demand. What’s constraining availability and building? The lack of buildable lots and increasing construction material costs. Confidence remains strong thanks to rising wages, millennials and first-time homebuyers continuing to enter the market, and low unemployment continuing to fuel demand. Folks are wanting to invest in their own home and we can’t blame them in today’s market and economy.

Sorry parents, you’re not out of the woods yet when it comes to paying for your millennial kid. Almost 17 percent of millennials expect their parents to help them with their first downpayment on a home, according to a recent report. For the renting millennial, 8 percent of those who are not students receive financial help from their parents, with one-in-three of those renters’ rent paid in full by their parents.

There’s always a list, even for the business professional. For many, profession dictates location. So where are the most affordable cities for the nation’s fastest-growing professions? Physical therapist assistants might want to think about Springfield, MO while software developers check out Austin, TX. For women and looking more general, the city that shows the most success is the nation’s capital, where women were the highest paid and comprised almost 40 percent of the area’s business owners.

fastest growing careers

Could smart wallpaper be the next trend for the home or just a nice thought? Researchers are working to develop a smart fire-resistant and fire alarm wallpaper that is electrically insulated and can be used to close a circuit and activate an alarm if heat rises above a certain temperature and before the fire spreads. Question remains: will homeowners use it? Wallpaper hasn’t been the most popular choice as of late.


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