Outdoor Livability.

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The outdoor space matters. More homeowners are dedicating time and money to sprucing up the backyard space for entertainment, investing in landscaping projects to make the outdoor space livable. Think furniture, fire pits, patio heaters, lighting, and speakers. Why? For many homeowners, the outdoor space is used significantly more, and don’t forget about the front yard. Homeowners are also focusing on that curb appeal.

Not quite ready to buy a house but want to stop paying a landlord? Try looking into purchasing a condo. Home prices aren’t the only housing prices on the rise, rent prices have been steadily and drastically increasing, too. Owning a home can “fix” that price, and it’s something akin to “forced” savings. With condos, there are typically homeowners association (HOA) fees but for many first-time homeowners, these can take the stress out of maintaining a yard. Some condos provide fitness rooms, pools, golf courses, assigned parking, extra security, and the inclusion of some utilities. It’s a good idea to contact other owners within the condominium to assess if it’s a good HOA or one you’ll be regretting entering into; if it’s worth the fee.

Two points for the good, healthy economy we’re seeing:

  • The Federal Reserve minutes were released this week, hinting to three more rate hikes this year instead of two.
  • The job market remains strong with only 233K Jobless Claims reported last week.

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