Manufactured Housing Monday.


Photo Source: Instagram via @landshute

Thirty-four percent of properties that closed in January sold at or above list price, up from 31 percent a year ago. We can thank supply and demand, aka low inventory and high demand.

For the longest time Chinese buyers have made up the largest portion of foreign buyers, spending the most money. That’s changing as they take a step back due to their restrictions on spending outside of the country. Now, investors from other countries—Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Dubai, Kuwait, Turkey—are filling the gap. Why? The stability and security of the U.S. market is on everyone’s radar.

Are manufactured homes the answer to the housing shortage? Some believe it might be but financing for such can come with a higher rate with a shorter loan term. The attractiveness: essentially a motor home, aka a starter home, the median price is only a fraction of a new single-family home.


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