Golden Investment.


Photo Source: Instagram via @landschute

During the fourth quarter of 2017, home sellers saw an average home price gain of $54K, up almost $7K from the same time in 2016. This is the highest recorded home price gain for sellers in over a decade! It also represents almost a 30% average return on investment. Now is the most profitable time to sell a home in more than ten years but homeowners are increasingly staying in their homes longer.

Shared living is increasing. What’s shared living? Think Golden Girls, where adults live with other adults who they are not family and are not romantically involved with. Pretty common phenomenon for older college students and millennials, but even older generations are doing so, as well. Thirty-two percent of the population lived in a shared household last year.

Initial Jobless Claims for last week reported at 230K. The ADP Employment report for last month indicates 234K jobs created. If there’s a slowdown in job growth, it’s likely due to businesses unable to find enough workers to fill positions, not that companies aren’t hiring. That can be a good thing, especially when considering the unemployment rate has remained low. Tomorrow the BLS report is released.


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