Millennials, Ann Arbor, and Amazon.

insider 01_23_2018

Photo Source: Instagram via @lifestyle.luxuries

Millennials might love technology but not enough to remove phone calls, emails, and face to face interactions from communication standards. While 88% of millennials use online resources when purchasing a home, 70% are also looking for a lender to educate them on the process. Millennials don’t want to deal with a robot, they only want technology to ease the homebuying process. Only 14% of consumers indicate they’ll respond to an automated message, or what they perceive as such.

Best place to live in America was once again awarded to Ann Arbor for the second year in a row, this time by Livability (Niche named the city such for 2017). Why is the home to the Wolverines favored: its environmental focus, natural beauty, civic engagement, education, and high quality healthcare to name a few.

Amazon announced its list of the 20 cities under consideration for its second headquarters. For the local homeowners of the still TBD winner, there could be quite a jump in home values as Amazon is expected to bring 50,000 high paying jobs to the selected are. For the renters, this could raise concerns. When home prices rise, rent prices rise as well. For homebuyers, it’s a great investment opportunity.


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