Wednesday Housing Nuggets.


Photo Source: Instagram via @beckiowens

The National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) Builder Confidence report showed a decline of two points for January. Coming off December’s report that showed the best number in 18 years, this is still a solid report with very strong levels signaling expansion. What are the top concerns builders quoted: costs, of labor and building material primarily.

Mortgage Applications last week continued to increase for both purchases and refinances, and are up from the same time last year.

It’s much easier for borrowers to get a mortgage with credit availability increasing in the third quarter of 2017 to the highest level since 2013 and—we love this—”borrower risk remains significantly below its historical levels.”

The national average rent increased 24% in 2017 from 10 years ago. Well, that might tip the rent vs. own scale for some.

Bay City, MI was ranked No. 4 on Best Cities for Bargain Hunters, where money stretches the farthest when it comes to purchasing a home.

For those stuck in the winter blues, Gulfport, MS is considered America’s most affordable beach town. Texas, Florida, and Mississippi owned the top 10 list—no exceptions.


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