Owning Wins Detroit.

insider 12_19_2017

Photo Source: Instagram via @homebunch

Detroit comes in at No. 2 on list of where it’s more affordable to own than to rent.

Health is key for the baby boomer generation. When choosing a home location, distance to amenities like the grocery store, restaurants, fitness centers, and walking trails rank high on the list.

It’s all about walkable communities for many. Recent survey found 62% of millennials and 55% of the silent generation prefer walkable communities and short commutes. Can’t blame them there (we don’t talk about traffic). As for baby boomers and generation X, they still prefer the suburban life and don’t mind a longer commute.

Homes might be selling faster than they ever have but here’s 5 features or upgrades that might sell a home faster:

1.     Smart-home features (smart thermostats, refrigerators, security systems)

2.     Finished basements

3.     Patios—we know this is on high-demand across generations.

4.     Walk-in closets

5.     Granite countertops


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