Healthy Economy.


Photo Source: Instagram via @southernlivingmag

The Federal Reserve begin their December two-day meeting tomorrow. Going in, there’s high expectations of a rate hike announcement Wednesday. We’ve had two rate hikes so far this year and this would be the fifth since 2008. These rate hikes show the health of the economy.

The great thing about today’s unusually low mortgage rates is just that, they are unusually low. For many serious homebuyers, a rise in rates won’t force them out of the market or deter them from buying. Millennials, those born in the 80s and 90s, might have come to expect today’s low rates as the norm.

On average, it costs $233,610 to raise a child. That’s a house and not including college or private school. It’s no wonder children play a major part in home location. Fort Wayne, Indiana was ranked No. 1 for best city to raise a family thanks to an above 90% high school graduation rate (third highest in the country) and low costs of living.

Attic insulation (fiberglass) is the only project returning a higher value than its cost based on a recent cost vs. value report by Remodeling magazine. That being said, procrastinating home repairs and updates can cost you more later on.


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