Affordability & Homeownership Upside. [#DHallTheINSIDER]

insider 11_07_2017

Photo Source: Instagram via @livehappygr

Home affordability has increased thanks to low mortgage rates. Rising home prices might have some folks arguing affordability has worsened but if looking at the housing market as a whole and long term, it’s actually not that bad—affordability across the country remains favorable to purchase a home.

A recent report proposes 25 reforms to improve homeownership. One such proposal was a student-debt mortgage that would allow homebuyers to consolidate any unpaid student debt into their mortgage when purchasing a home, thus lowering their monthly payment.

Speaking of homeownership, rumor (or fear) is the proposed new tax plan might dissuade people from buying a home. We have a different take, one our Paul discussed in this week’s mortgage minute. You can watch it here.

CoreLogic’s Home Price Index report for September showed home prices rose 0.9% from the month prior and are up 7% from September 2016.

Grand Rapids, MI made the cut at No. 4 for Metros with the Highest Home Appreciation. According to Headlight Data, the city had the fastest job growth in the United States last year. It’s a city not afraid to go big, growing upward in the heart of downtown and a health care sector gaining recognition. Let’s not forget its title of Beer City USA, too.

nov 2017 metros with highest home appreciation


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