Lenders Win. [#DHallTheINSIDER]


Photo Source: Country Living Magazine

Don’t discount that personal touch! Despite the digital age we’re in, lenders and real estate agents played a significantly more influential role than online sources when it comes to shopping for a mortgage. Thirty-two percent of borrowers said mortgage lenders were the most influential when researching and receiving advice about their current mortgage compared to only 13% who said online sources. And yes, millennials were included in this survey.

When it comes to investing in rental properties, the model has changed. It’s no longer buying fixer upper or foreclosed homes but rather market valued homes and relying on the monthly rental income to make it up over time. San Antonia, Fort Worth, and Dallas scored the top 3 spots for hottest markets, offering homes that are affordable and can grant great return value.

Damage done from the recent disasters in Florida and Texas are still unknown, yet sales rose 4% in September from the year prior for the Houston area thanks to investors buying up damaged properties and delayed sale closings from August.

Since there’s always a list, here’s a new one: 10 best and worst cities for infrastructure. Minneapolis takes the cake with its excellent transit system.


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