Strong Housing & Some Pet Love. [#DHallTheINSIDER]

insider 10_10_17

Photo Source: David Weekly Homes.

CoreLogic’s Loan Performance Insights for July showed housing to be on strong ground, with continued low delinquency rates thanks to appreciating home values. Less than 50% of baby boomers who own a home and are already of traditional retirement age were mortgage-free.

Fannie Mae’s Home Purchase Sentiment Index for September showed more renters believe now is a good time to buy, making the Index’s figure of 88.3 match June’s all-time high recording. Consumers also still believe now is a great time to sell. It’s a strong housing market and consumers know it.

Eleven California markets claimed the top 20 for Hottest Real Estate Markets in September, with San Jose, CA taking prime lead. Detroit, MI came in at No. 10.

Surprisingly, the lists for best places for the cat or the dog lover are not the same. For the dog lover, Austin, TX scored the No. 1 spot while that same city was ranked only eighth for the cat lover—Albany, NY ranked No. 1.


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