Source: Home Bunch

Miss the realtor special last week? Amazon Prime Day brought a surprise to many shoppers and real estate organizations who noticed the “Hire a REALTOR®” page launched on Amazon for only a day. The company may be hush hush never commenting publicly about the page but that hasn’t stopped the balcony from speculating.

It’s all about affordability when it comes to top google mortgage-related searches by homebuyers. Top five home styles searched on google: mansion, yurt, bungalow, brownstone, and minka. Lastly, 44% of mortgage-related searches in 2017 were by first-time homebuyers.

Another survey supports most Americans believe owning a home is a solid investment. While the vast majority believe the housing market has improved, only 22% of homeowners and 13% of renters say the same about the mortgage application process.

Berkeley, CA seals the No. 1 spot for most expensive U.S. college towns and California, Pennsylvania hits the No. 1 least expensive, noted as “your typical all-American small town.”


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