All in the Journey. [DH Sweet 16 #12]

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Have you ever heard the quote “Success is a journey, not a destination”? Sounds cliché but have you ever stopped and thought about how true it is? What it means?

In life, we are always so focused on the results, we don’t stop and think about what it even takes to get to the results. It’s obviously important to have a clear understanding of what you want and what results you’re looking to achieve, but if all you focus on is achieving goals and seeing an immediate impact, you are setting yourself up for disaster. That tunnel vision will cost you opportunities. There’s more to life than just meeting a goal or being #1. What’s most important is what you’re doing to get there and the growth you’re experiencing along the way.

Results will come.

They always do if you’re working extremely hard. They may not be the exact results you’re looking for but you will make achievements. What you won’t get if you keep pushing and rushing to be successful and see immediate satisfaction, is the opportunity to grow, develop, and make an impact. If you achieve all of the results you were looking for and all of the success you aimed for too quickly, what is left for you to work towards? Think about it.

Take your time. Be patient. Grow. Develop. Work hard.

Don’t get caught up in the end goal. Get caught up in the journey.

When people get too focused on just the end goal, they end up disappointed. Every time. Maybe not immediately upon reaching their goal but eventually. Why? That view from the top doesn’t last. You’ll have memories but the climb is gone. The hard work and effort and determination to reach your goal—you did it!—is what you remember most. Not standing on the platform accepting the reward. You remember the hustle, the time, the late nights and early mornings, the will power you had to do what you needed to do. And when an obstacle was thrown in your path, you overcame it. That’s what people want to hear about: How did you become great? That is what you’ll love relishing.

And you’ll share laughs about the mistakes you made and have pride in what you overcame.

If all that’s cared about is achieving results and not what it took to get there, what do you work towards next?

Another David’s Sweet 16: Process Over Results.

It’s simple yet profound. Do what it takes to be the best and eventually you will be the best. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not in a year, but one day. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Quit rushing. Let the hard work speak for itself and the results will come.

Ready to set goals and, even better, enjoy the journey it takes to achieve them? Send us your resume. Here at Hall Financial, we want you to achieve results. We want you to meet your goals. But most importantly, we want you to grow and improve every single day. And we absolutely love watching the journey of our team members. We love watching them succeed. “Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.”


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