Give a Lot. [DH Sweet 16 #7]

give all the time

How often do you give? How often do you expect something in return when you give? Few people fully give without expectations of immediate results or praise; for the simple sake of giving.

We go to the gym and if we don’t see results immediately, we forget our resolution to lose weight. We throw a housewarming party and guests are expected to give praise and bring a gift. We do our chores and expect a weekly allowance. We hold the door open for a stranger and expect a “thank you.” We let someone merge in front of us in traffic and expect a wave in acknowledgment. We put in the hours at work and expect higher pay. We put in more hours at work and expect a promotion. You get where this is going…

Three words: Give Without Expecting.

Philosophically, the thank you’s, the gifts, the praise, the money, the slimmer thighs and the tucked tummy; all of these expectations shouldn’t be the measurement for success. You have to be a giver. Plain and simple. Not when it’s convenient, not when it benefits you, not when you’re bored, and not only when you’re having a good day and are “in the mood.” It needs to be ALL THE TIME. You put in the extra hours at the gym, you stay two hours late at work to help someone new, you stay 15 more minutes at your cousin’s birthday party when you want to leave. You give. Selflessly. Time, money, effort. Even when it doesn’t benefit you, give.

In fact, according to David and his Sweet 16, you have to Give What the Greedy Man Won’t….and you’ll get what the greedy man wants. Do you want to be successful by stepping on toes or do you want to be successful by knowing you gave everything full-heartedly with the understanding you may not ever get something in return? The choice is yours.

Here at Hall Financial, we believe in being givers—givers of opportunities. Give us your resume. The only thing we do expect is that you continually be a giver, each and every day, wherever you go. “There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to help others without expecting anything in return.” 

Your new motto: Give and Grow.



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