Ready, Set, CHARGE! [DH Sweet 16 #5]

positive energy

This week, we have two more words for you: Get Pumped.

Have you ever been in such a great mood you feel like nothing can bring you down, you’re walking on sunshine and ready to take on the day—the world—and then BAMM! you walk into work and are surrounded by crabby, quiet, lethargic, complaining people within 5 minutes of arriving?

Talk about a Mood Killer. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

There are two types of people in the world: battery chargers and battery drainers. You could have been the charger until you were bombarded with drainers when you walked into that office, and here’s the thing: you should still be a charger after walking into that office.

If you don’t like the energy around you, change it. Get pumped up, boost up other people, get active, smile, refuse to be put down. If you have the positive mindset, it shouldn’t matter what organization you walk into in the morning to make it productive. Be infectious with your energy, or as another of David’s Sweet 16 declares: “Bring an Infectious Energy Every Single Day.”

David might be Energy’s biggest supporter. He wants to walk in and immediately feel that everyone’s excited to be there and ready to work. He believes that where there is a bunch of people together who have the same passion, excitement, and drive to succeed, great things will happen. It’s why we encourage our people to walk around or fly by on hoverboards while talking on the phone.

The positive mindset: wake up positive. Your attitude that first hour after you wake up decides your mentality for the rest of that day.

The infectious energy mindset: use the positive mindset to have such an intense and productive energy that it charges others to do the same.

It’s making 9 calls and getting rejected 9 times only to make a 10th call with the same positive energy you had in the 1st call (maybe more) and sealing that deal. It’s not getting knocked down by a “No.” It’s believing in yourself, what you’re doing, and in those around you.

If you’re a pro on a hoverboard and have an infectious energy, we want to hear from you by sending us your resume. If you have a killer career you get excited about every day, make sure you’re infecting your coworkers to do the same.

And one last thing: don’t let it stop at work. By the energy charger of your LIFE.



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