Is Smart Lighting Going Green? [#DHallTheINSIDER]

Utilities can add an additional 25% to housing costs when owning a home and 21% when renting, per new data from ATTOM Data Solutions and UtilityScore. How can one reduce costs? Using energy efficient resources like solar paneling or going green. What’s interesting to think about here: the cost of rent vs. owning in an area. Though the data supported the idea housing costs were less when renting, cost of utilities was displayed via percentage—if the cost of rent was more than owning, that could support a smaller percent value. What does this mean? Compare and do your research when moving to a new area or making the jump to home owning.

Speaking of utilities, how about smart lighting? Manageable via phone, programmable, can sync to devices like the Amazon Echo, and dim features are few of the basic benefits it offers. For those tech-savvy and who are like Pavlov’s dogs with their social media, these lights can even by synced to flash colors when you get a notification. We’re still wondering about the cost effects on that utility bill. And the only “going green” here might be that light every time you get a Facebook notification.

Grand Rapids is a hot market with homes not staying on the market for long, leading it to jump from its Number 20 ranking back in April to Number 13 ranking in May. Why is West Michigan so popular among the young and first-time homebueyrs? Housing is relatively affordable.

Another day, another list. This one: best places to live on a $55K household income. Like all lists, it’s all about the cities they look at and the data taken into account. SmartAsset produced this one by looking at unemployment rate, median household income (aka the middlemost income of the residents), average commute, entertainment places, and housing costs in relation to income. The winner: Bismarck, North Dakota.


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