Monday Motivation: Get in a Home. [#DHallTheINSIDER]

Engineering degrees and careers are where it’s at for the individual who wants to own a home immediately after graduating college and starting their career. Education degrees are a completely different story, with an average of seven years on the path to homeownership before purchasing a home. Today’s low-down options are shortening that path and making it easier to get into a home quicker.

2017 is poised to end the year with the best existing home sales number seen in 11 years. Low inventory is a concern but if we’re expected to see a 3.5% rise from last year, inventory is low because homes are selling fast and more buyers continue to enter the market.

Kitchens are the choice for makeovers, from minor replacements to complete remodeling. The popular choices: granite countertops, wood flooring (fake or real), and stainless steel sinks. The appliance most apt for replacement: the refrigerator.

Biggest regret sellers seem to have: not starting the process sooner and fully educating themselves on the closing costs.


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